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- Cast -
E is for Emerald Cast. R is for Ruby Cast
All characters with an asterick (*) will also be part of the ensenmble when available.

Dorothy Gale - (E) Bailey Ryon / (R) Sophia Wetzel
Scarecrow - Shane Watson
Tinman - Michael Daiuto
Lion - Dan Poole
Glinda - (E) Gillian Smyth / (R) Ella Wetzel
Wicked Witch - (E) Cora Dunaja / (R) Lily Stockbridge
Guard* - (E) Camryn Brakmann / (R) Cassidy Bolio
The Wizard* - Matt Sharkey
Nikko* - Hannah Adler

Featured Roles
Professor Marvel* - Seth Hecht
Miss Gulch* - Raili Sormus
Aunt Em* - Jordan Pflieger
Uncle Henry* - Sam Elsen
Zeke* - Garrian Phanhthy
Hunk* - Michael Parmer
Hickory* - Christian Hetzer

Ensemble Roles
First Crow* - Riley Clark
Second Crow* - Gabby Lynch
Third Crow* - Kaity Helms
First Tree* - Darcy Barkdoll
Second Tree* - Juliana Quintilian
Third Tree* - Natalie Whelan
Additional Trees* - Theresa Falzone, Anna Feild & Alaina Stromgren
Ozian Man* - Christian Collins
Ozian Woman* - Abby Martin
Second Ozian Man* - Kevin Yerkes
Second Ozian Woman* - Ryleigh Farmer
Winkie General* - Owen Mechling

Dance Captains

Full Dance Ensemble
Will be determined after Dance Auditions in January.

Katie Addotta, Madison Alexander, Jonelle Bell, Reagan Czahor, Brittany Dao, Tina Dao, Emily Driscoll, Moira Duffy, Ellie Dunaja, Kasey Duncan, Jillian Geppi, Jessica Hall, Andrea Hammond, Robert Harden, Grace Hartenstein, Greta Hartman, Ava Hoffman, Antonia Johnson, Jillian Katchko, Alexis Landis, Brecken MacDougall, Logan MacDougall, Sarah Manuel, Holly Mullaney, Bethany Powell, Juliana Quintilian, Bryanna Stimmel, Marin Thomas, Allisyn Walker, Chase Watkins, Danielle Williman

Munchkin Roles
Mayor -
Coroner -
Braggart -
Munchkin Woman -
Fiddler -
School Teachers (2) -
City Fathers (2) -
Lullaby League (3) -
Lollypop Guild (3) -

Munchkin Citizens (Ensemble)

Production Staff
Director - Will Jenkins
Student Director and Stage Manager - AJ Marusko
Assistant Stage Manager - Kelsey Custer
Set & Technical Director - Eric Paules
Choreographer - Michelle Joyce
Costume & Makeup Design - Jen Addotta
Vocal Director - Laurie Kotter
Orchestra Director - Scott Kaliszak
Promotions / Producer - Heather Jenkins