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Wayne Hopkins - Michael Parmer
Oliver Rivers - Michael Daiuto
Megan Jones - Cassidy Bolio
Narrator - Emily Polanowski
J. Finch Fletchley - Katherine Addotta
Ernie Mac - Seth Hecht
Cedric - Owen Mechling
Hannah - Sophia Wetzel
Leanne - Hannah Adler
Sally Perks - Jordan Pflieger
Susie Bones - Bailey Ryon
Understudies/Death Buddies/Puppeteers/Announcements -
Kaity Helms, Garrian Phanhthy, Juliana Quintilian, Natalie Whelan


Directors - Jordan Pflieger and Michael Daiuto 
Stage Manager - Lauren Paules
Christina (Chris) – Erica Broadaway
Storyteller – Abby Martin 
Keara – Ellie Dunaja 
Elf/Merchant 5 – Delani King 
Knight – Darcy “Noah” Barkdoll 
Giant – Kevin Yerkes 
King/Merchant 8 – Greta Hartman 
Queen/ Merchant 3- Kelly Giblin 
Prince William/Merchant 2 – Kyle Tabak 
Victor Dragon/Merchant 7 – Logan MacDougall 
Gregor Dragon/Merchant 4 – Brecken MacDougall 
Unicorn/Mother’s Voice/Merchant 1 – Bethany Powell 
Swamp Monster/Merchant 6 – Tina Dao 
All actors except “Chris” will play “Spirits” when not their main character. These characters are ever-present and help tell the story and set the scenes. 

Rehearsals for Tailor will be marked as "Tailor" on the calendar. Tailor cast will attend workshops with Puffs cast. First read-through will be 9/16 from 5:30pm-7pm.