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- Cast -
Ella - Sophia Wetzel
Topher - Michael Daiuto
Marie - Jordan Pflieger
Madame - Cassidy Bolio
Gabrielle - Bailey Ryon
Charlotte - Hannah Adler
Jean-Michel - Owen Mechling
Sebastian - Kyle Billings
Lord Pinkleton - Michael Parmer

(All actors in the following will also be part of the ensemble)
Fox - Delani King
Raccoon - Katherine Addotta

Sam Elsen, Robert Harden, Coda Heck, Garrian Phanthy, Kyle Tabak,
Tharit Thongwandee, Chase Watkins, Kevin Yerkes

"Stepsister's Lament" Soloists
A Lady - Kaity Helms
A Second Lady - Riley Clark
A Third Lady - Juliana Quintilian
A Fourth Lady - Natalie Whelan

Lady Ensemble for "Lament"
Gabby Lynch, Kelly Giblin, Abby Martin, Andrea Hammond

"The Prince is Having a Ball" Soloists
Tall Woman- Abby Martin
Strong Woman- Gabby Lynch
Small Woman- Charlotte Hanshew
Shy Woman- Holly Mullaney
Older Woman- Greta Hartman
Younger Woman- Ellie Dunaja

Walk-on Roles
Woman in Window (pp1-4-17)-Kelly Giblin
Woman (pp1-8-34) - Brecken MacDougall
Duchess (pp1-8-35) - Danielle Williman
Old Woman (pp1-8-35) - Greta Hartman
A Lord (pp1-8-38)- Robert Harden
A Lady (pp1-8-38) - Logan MacDougall
A Guest (pp1-8-38) - Sarah Manuel
Another Guest (pp1-8-38) - Holly Mullaney
A Dignitary (pp1-8-38) - Natalie Whelan
A Duchess (pp1-8-38)- Jillian Geppi
Another Duchess (pp1-8-38) - Andrea Hammond
Another Duchess (pp1-8-38) - Abby Martin
Duke of Cheshire (pp2-2-47) - Kyle Tabak
Earl of Cavendish (pp2-2-47) - Coda Heck
Sam (pp2-2-72) - Garrian Phanhthy
Claudette (pp2-2-74) - Juliana Quintilian
Official (pp2-2-78) - Kevin Yerkes

Dance Corps - auditions 1/5 @ 1pm

Katherine Addotta
Erica Broadaway
Riley Clark
Reagan Czahor
Tina Dao
Ellie Dunaja
Juliet Elias
Sam Elsen
Ryleigh Farmer
Erin Finnigan
Jillian Geppi
Kelly Giblin
Andrea Hammond
Robert Harden
Coda Heck
Charlotte Henshew
Greta Hartman
Kaity Helms
Madeline Johnson
Delani King
Gabby Lynch
Brecken MacDougall
Logan MacDougall
Sarah Manuel
Abby Martin
Emily Monk
Holly Mullaney
Garrian Phanthy
Juliana Quintilian
Jeremiah Rodriguez
Kyle Tabak
Julia C. Thomas
Tharit Thongwandee
Chase Watkins
Natalie Whelan
Danielle Williman
Kevin Yerkes

Production Staff
Director - Will Jenkins
Stage Manager - Kelsey Custer
Assistant Stage Manager - AJ Marusko
Set & Technical Director - Eric Paules
Choreographer - Michelle Joyce
Costume & Makeup Design - Jen Addotta
Vocal Director - Laurie Kotter
Orchestra Director -
Promotions / Producer - Heather Jenkins