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FALL 2021

- Cast -

D'Artagnan* - Theodore R. Hill
Sabine, D'Artagnan's sister* - Juliana Quintilian
Athos* - Kyle Billings
Aramis* - Jillian Geppi
Porthos* - Caroline Dumm
Cardinal Richelieu* - Kyle Tabak
Milady, Madame de Winter* - Cordelia Jenkins
Constance, a Lady in Waiting - Ellie Dunaja
Rochefort, the Cardinal's henchman* - Elaine Paulk
Queen Anne - Erica Broadaway
King Louis XIII of France - Cooper O'Donnell
Treville / Father* - Robert Harden

Ensemble Roles
All ensemble characters will also make up a general ensemble that will appear in several large group scenes.
Inn Keeper - Reese Ambrose
Mother - Camille Rowe
Elise - Allison Bergman
Adele - Brianna MacPherson
Mother Superior / Abbess - Natalie Whelan
The Duke of Buckingham / Guard* - Finn Peck
Ravanche* - Kelly Giblin
Stanley - Gabriel Somerville
Septime - Audrey Reeves
Fache* - Logan MacDougall
Sister / Old Lady / Guard*- Brecken MacDougall
Debris* - Kevin Yerkes

Characters indicated with an asterisk (*) are required to be at all fight rehearsals.

Understudies - Camille Rowe, Kevin Yerkes

Production Staff
Director - Will Jenkins
Student Director - Natalie Whelan
Costumes - Jen Adotta
Set & Technical Director - Eric Paules
Stage Manager - Lauren Paules
Promotions / Producer - Heather Jenkins