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Puffs is a look at what happened to other students during the seven years that a certain boy wizard attended a certain school for magic. While the original off-Broadway production was aimed at adults, we are performing an adapted version of Puffs "for young wizards." If this play were a movie, it would likely be rated "PG." The show is suitable for children over 7.

The show contains:
*A brief scene of drinking
*Rare instances of Minor Language
*Teen characters kissing
*A scene featuring a teen boy in swim trunks
* A scene involving large "Soul Sucking Security Guards" which may be intense for younger children
*Deaths of several characters



Different from the Disney version, this adaptation of the famous fairy tale is still appropriate for all-ages (A "G" Rating) and with a new script by Douglas Carter Beane, allows Cinderella and her stepsister Gabrielle to have some agency in saving a kingdom in peril rather than spending the entire show pursuing the Prince.

The show contains:
*A scene in which members of the court make a game out of ridiculing one another until Ella shows them how to practice kindness.
*In disguise, the Fairy Godmother resembles a homeless woman who is referred to as "Crazy Marie."
* The Prince and his men slay a Giant and a Dragon.