APRIL 15 - 17, 2011

Based on the beloved Disney movie, this "tale as old as time" follows the adventures of Belle, a bright young woman who finds herself imprisoned in the castle of a mysterious beast. With the assistance of the castle's enchanted staff, a delightful and tender romance develops between these two unlikely friends and Belle soon learns the most important lesson of all - that true beauty comes from within.


Cast of Characters

Belle - Courtney Reed
Beast -
Logan Markiewicz
Gaston -
John Malachowski
Lefou -
Sam Kotansky
Lumiere -
Josh Silva
Cogsworth -
Nathan Coulter
Mrs. Potts -
Caitlin Ramirez
Chip -
Rebecca Beall
Maurice -
Kyle Dobry
Babette -
Jill Silverman
Madame de le Grande Bouche -
Bryna Mullins
Monsieru D'arque
- Henry Strott

Supporting Characters
Silly Girls - Kayla Anelli, Jen McPhail, & Shannon Slattery
- Emily Teter
Gaston Cronies
- Matt Hanson & Zach Parker
- Madison Bowe, Maia Schechter, Julia Singer, Cailey Steinauer, & Allie Vogel
Enchanted Carpet
- Kelly Bange
- Sarah Tyler

Prologue Characters
Narrator - Zach Parker
- Justine Mitchell
Young Prince
- Kyle Shaffer   

Townspeople - Belle Soloists
Baker - Matt Burns
Aristocratic Lady - Theresa Strange
Fish Man
- Brian Bailone
Egg Man
- Billy Myers
Sausage Curl Girl
- Jodie Weber
Lady with Cane
- Sara MacDonald
Lady with Baby
- Jenni Ferg
Candle Man
- Tom Bonitz
Hat Seller
- Isabelle Dzwonczyk
- Heidi Stevenson
- Hannah Fletcher

Dancing Napkins

Madison Bowe         Maia Schechter         Cailey Steinauer         Allie Vogel
Hannah Fletcher       Julia Singer                Heidi Stevenson

Dancing Utensils
Kayla Anelli               Leah Deter                   Casey Kelly
                   Casey Slattery
Allie Birmingham      Jenni Ferg                   
Justine Mitchell              Theresa Strange
Allison Burton            
Kelsie Harman           Maddie Piermattero      Jodie Weber
Konnie Brown          
Brian Hittie                  Alysha Simmons

Gaston Dancers
Kayla Anelli               Matt Burns                  Matthew Mitzel              Julia Singer
Brian Bailone            Hannah Fletcher        Billy Myers                     Shannon Slattery
Kelly Bange               Matt Hanson               Zach Parker                  Cailey Steinauer
Allie Brimingham      Brian Hittie                  Maia Schechter             Heidi Stevenson
Thomas Bonitz         Jen McPhail                Kyle Shaffer                  
Allie Vogel 
Madison Bowe         Justine Mitchell           Jill Silverman

Enchanted Characters / Townspeople
Kayla Anelli                Hannah Fletcher           Matthew Mitzel                  Krystal Steenwyk
Brian Bailone                                                    Billy Myers                         Cailey Steinauer
Kelly Bange                Matt Hanson                 Zach Parker                       Heidi Stevenson       
                                    Kelsie Harman             Katelynn Patterson           Theresa Strange       
Allie Birmingham       Brian Hittie                    Madaline Piermattero      Emily Teter
Thomas Bonitz           Casey Kelly                  Krystal Rose                      Sarah Tyler
Madison Bowe                                                 Aubrey Scott                      Allie Vogel
Konnie Brown           
 Sarah Lucabaugh        Maia Schechter                Jodie Weber
Matt Burns                  Sara MacDonald          Kyle Shaffer                      Caitlin Werder
Allison Burton             Jen McPhail                  Alysha Simmons               
Leah Deter                 Casey Morris                Julia Singer                                    
Isabelle Dzwonczyk                                           Casey Slattery
Jenni Ferg                  Justine Mitchell             Shannon Slattery

Belle - Kayla Anelli
Beast -
John Malachowski
Gaston -
Thomas Bonitz
Lefou -
Kyle Dobry
& Cogsworth - Matt Burns
Mrs. Potts -
Jen McPhail
Chip -
Alysha Simmons
& Monseiur D'Arque - Zach Parker
Babette & Madame Bouche - Heidi Stevenson

Production Staff
Director - Will Jenkins
Choreographer -
Lacey Marousek
Vocal Director - Barbie Specht Myers
Asst. Vocal Director - Sally Chase
Costumes - Pam Vasilow
Set & Technical Director - Joe Kress
Asst. Set & Technical Director -
Zach Schmidt
Promotions / Producer - Heather Jenkins
Stage Manager - Hugo Schroeder