NOVEMBER 18 - 21, 2010

Our Town is a 1938 play by American playwright Thornton Wilder. Set in the fictional American small town of Grover's Corners, it tells the story of an average town's citizens in the early twentieth century as depicted through their everyday lives. Scenes from the town's history between the years of 1901 and 1913 are performed. The play was performed in the round without a set and the actors mime their actions without the use of props.

Our Town

Cast of Characters

Stage Manager - Sam Kotansky \ Jen McPhail
Dr. Gibbs
- Logan Markiewicz
Joe Crowell \ Si Crowell
- Kyle Shaffer
Howie Newsome
- Kyle Dobry
Mrs. Gibbs
- Courtney Reed \ Isabelle Dzwonczyk
Mrs. Webb
- Emily Teter \ Theresa Strange
George Gibbs
- Matt Burns
Rebecca Gibbs
- Kayla Anelli \ Jodie Weber
Wally Webb
- Jasmine Ortiz
Emily Webb
- Casey Slattery
Professor Willard
- Nathan Coulter
Mr. Webb
- John Malachowski
Woman in the Balcony
- Justine Mitchell
Woman in the Auditorium
- Jill Silverman
Lady in the Box
- Krystal Rose
Simon Stimson
- Matt Hanson
Mrs. Soames
- Caitlin Ramirez \ Heidi Stevenson
Constable Bill Warren
- Henry Strott
Sam Craig
- Hugo Schroeder
Joe Stoddard
- Ian Whitehurst
First Dead Woman
- Hannah Fletcher
Second Dead Woman
- Alysha Simmons
First Dead Man
- Sarah Tyler

Townspeople / Choir Members / Dead People
Madison Bowe
Konnie Brown
Bryna Mullins

George Gibbs - Kyle Dobry
Emily Webb - Heidi Stevenson
Dr. Gibbs - Henry Strott
Mr. Webb - Nathan Coulter


Director - Will Jenkins
Costumes - Pam Vasilow
Set Design, Construction & Technical Director - Joe Kress
Promotions / Producer - Heather Jenkins
Stage Manager - Hugo Schroeder