NOVEMBER 21 - 23, 2008

The classic Shakespeare tragedy is transplanted to post-Civil War Texas, where the two star-crossed lovers find themselves on opposing sides of a war their families have refused to stop fighting. 


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Romeo - Cameron Gray
Juliet - Mia Wentworth
Mercutio - Laura Dzwonczyk       
Benvolio  - Siona Dubs
Pastor Lawrence - Brandon Cwalina
Tybalt - Joshua Silva / Alex Britcher
Nurse - Kelly Chick
Capulet - Niall Carmichael
Lady Capulet - Jen McPhail
Paris - Drew Slattery
Montague - Seth Lawrence
Lady Montague  - Caitlin Furio
Prince  - Alex Britcher / Kyle Dobry
Greg - Kyle Dobry / Asten Fuller
Sampson - Sam Fletcher
Abram - Lily Kotansky
John (Jane)  - Zoë Heatwole
Apothecary  - Marisa Silva / Ahmae Messersmith
Balthasar - Kristen Evans
Servant  - Ariel Cowger
Prince's Deputy - Logan Markiewicz & Asten Fuller

Citizens - Emily Bange, Jessie Cummins, Isabelle Dzwonczyk, Caitlin Furio, Elisabeth Hittie, Sam Kotansky, Ahmae Messersmith, Jessica Mitchell, Caitlin Ramirez, Bonney Saunders, Emiline Schroeder, Hugo Schroeder, Marisa Silva, Jill Silverman, Leah Silverman, Cailey Steinauer, Theresa Strange, Henry Strott, Emily Teter, Allie Vogel, Jodie Weber

Dancers * - Emily Bange, Jessie Cummins, Isabelle Dzwonczyk (Butler cast), Elisabeth Hittie, Ahmae Messersmith, Jessica Mitchell, Bonney Saunders, Emiline Schroeder, Jill Silverman, Leah Silverman, Cailey Steinauer, Jodie Weber (Butler Cast)

Student Production Assistant - David Stewart
Romeo Understudy - Drew Slattery
Juliet Understudy - Ahmae Messersmith
Benvolio Understudy - Caitlin Furio
Mercutio Understudy - Lily Kotansky
Nurse Understudy - Ariel Cowger


Director - Will Jenkins
Assistant Director - Chris White
Fight Choreographer - Mitch Ernst
Costumes - Pam Vasilow
Set Design & Construction - Joe Kress
Promotions / Producer - Heather Jenkins
Student Production Assistant - David Stewart