APRIL 11 - 13, 2008

A musical comedy retelling of the classic Princess and the Pea fairytale, Once Upon a Mattress centers around the inhabitants of a tiny kingdom whose Queen will not allow anyone to marry until her precious son, Prince Dauntless does. Twelve possible princesses have come and gone, and all have failed the conniving Queen's impossible tests. All hope now lies on Princess Winnifred, a charming, moat swimming, force of nature who will go to any length to pass the test and win the Prince's hand.

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Cast List

Princess Winifred - Laura Dzwonczyk
Prince Dauntless - Drew Slattery
Queen Aggravain - Kelly Chick
King Sextimus - Brandon Cwalina
Minstrel - Jeremy Fisher
Jester - Elisabeth Hittie
Sir Harry - Niall Carmichael
Lady Larken - Kirsten Stevenson
Wizard - Alex Britcher
Nightingale of Salarkand - Ariel Cowger
Princess Number 12 - Melanie Morgan
Lady Lucille - Kennen Tice
Lady Rowena - Lily Kotansky
Lady Merrill - Siona Dubs
Lady Giselle - Britt Saunders
Sir Studley - David Stewart
Mimes - Zoë
Heatwole, Seth Lawrence & Mia Wentworth
Sir Harry's Squire - Asten Fuller
Lady Mabelle
- Jessie Cummins
Kitchen Girl / Emily
- Ahmae Messersmith
Sir Luce
- Kyle Dobry
Sir Harry Stunt Double
- Jess Mitchell


Samatha Hagee                    Brittany MacFadden                    Leah Silverman
Seth Lawrence                     Ahmae Messersmith                   Mia Wentworth
Sara MacDonald                   Marisa Silva                                Julia Yeilding


Emily Bange                          Caitlin Furio                               Zach Parker
Emily Casselberry                  Zoë Heatwole                            Caitlin Ramirez       
Jessie Cummins                    Kaleigh Jacobson                      Bonney Saunders
Kyle Dobry                             Lily Kotansky                             Casey Shelley
Janice Eason                         Seth Lawrence                           Shannon Slattery
Kristen Evans                        Logan Markiewicz                      David Stewart
Asten Fuller                          Jessica Mitchell                          Mia Wentworth


Princess Winifred - Lily Kotansky
Prince Dauntless - Seth Lawrence
Queen Aggravain - Mia Wentworth
King Sextimus - Zoë Heatwole
Minstrel - Siona Dubs
Lady Larken - Julia Yeilding
Wizard - David Stewart


Director - Will Jenkins
Choreographer - Chantone Tomb
Vocal Director - Kate Jenkins
Music Director - Zach Levi
Costumes - Pam Vasilow
Technical Director - Joe Kress
Promotions / Producer - Heather Jenkins
Student Production Assistant - Siona Dubs