APRIL 13 - 15, 2007

A musical classic, The Music Man follows fast talking con man Harold Hill in his attempt to convince the citizens of River City, Iowa that what their town needs to keep its youngsters from a moral decline is a boys' band, complete with instruments and uniforms (available from Hill for a small fee, of course).  But just as Harold is about to skip town with his new-found wealth, he realizes he may have met his match  in the lovely and willful town librarian, Marian Paroo.

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Cast List


Harold Hill - Niall Carmichael
Marian Paroo - Kirsten Stevenson (A) / Olivia Castriota (B)
Marcellus Washburn - Greg Dickson
Mrs. Paroo - Britt Saunders (A) / Laura Fallon (B)
Winthrop Paroo - Clayton Leasure (A) / Jeremy Jefferies (B)
Mayor Shinn - Brock Cheek
Eulalie Mackecknie Shinn - Gail Austin (A) / Kelly Chick (B)
Zaneeta Shinn - Ahmae Messersmith
Tommy Djilas - Seth Lawrence
Amaryllis Hix -
Brooke McGee (A) / Maia Schechte
r (B)
Jacey Squires (Quartet - Siona Dubs
Ewart Dunlop (Quartet - Zachary Parker
Oliver Hix (Quartet - Jeremy Fisher
Olin Britt (Quartet -
Brian Simmons


Charlie Cowell - Corey MacDonald
Mrs. Squires (Ladies Auxiliary - Sarah Francis (A) / Jessie Sides (B)
Maud Dunlop (Ladies Auxiliary - Annie Swade (A) / Laura Dzwonczyk (B)
Alma Hix (Ladies Auxiliary - Kennen Tice (A) / Ariel Cowger (B)
Mrs. Britt (Ladies Auxiliary - Janice Eason
Ethel Toffelmeier (Ladies Auxiliary - Jessie Cummins (A) / Kara Stoley (B)
Conductor - Jon Craig
Salesmen -
Sam Fletcher, Drew Slattery, Jeremy Fisher,  Greg Dickson, Seth Lawrence
Gracie Shinn - Mia Wentworth
Farmer - Sam Fletcher
Farmer’s Wife - Jessica Dales
Constable Lock -
Brandon Cwalina


Lauren Anderson                                       
Molly Blevins
Ali Hagopian
Caitlin Hittie

Elisabeth Hittie
Michelle Lacroix
Jess Margelot
Katie Margelot
Zachary Rayne
Leah Silverman
Brittany Smith


Frank Beifus                               Bonney Saunders                
Kat Dales
                                    Marisa Silva 
Emma Fletcher
                            Caleb Vatral             
Caitlin Furio
                                 Alexandra Wilson
Zoë Heatwole
Emma Lindle

Hollie McLaughlin
Evan Mosko

Production Staff

Director - Will Jenkins
Choreographer -
Chantone Tomb
Vocal Director - Kate Jenkins
Music Director -
Zach Levi
Costumes -
Pam Vasilow
Technical Director -
Joe Kress
Promotions / Producer - Heather Jenkins