NOVEMBER 16 - 18, 2007

Boxer Joe Pendleton is erroneously snatched from his earthly life sixty years too early, but before the matter can be rectified, Joe's body is cremated; so the celestial Ms. Jordan grants him the use of the body of wealthy Mr. Farnsworth, who's just been murdered by his wife and her lover. Joe tries to remake Farnsworth's unworthy life in his own clean-cut image before moving on, but then falls in love; and what about that murderous wife?

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Cast List

Ms. Jordan - Ariel Cowger
Joe Pendleton - David Stewart
Messenger 7013 -
ë Heatwole
Max Levene - Niall Carmichael
Bette Logan - Mia Wentworth
Tony Abbott - Kyle Dobry
Julia Farnsworth - Laura Dzwonczyk
Mrs. Ames/Alicia Heggie - Britt Saunders
Police Inspector Williams - Drew Slattery
Lefty/Peter Ingle - Alex Britcher
Workman/Morris Jacobson - Seth Lawrence
Ann/Lucy Irwin - Kennen Tice
Susie/Hannah Washington - Jessie Cummins
Plainclothes Police Officer/Renee Sillinpaa - Kelly Chick
First Escort (Passenger) -
Siona Dubs
Second Escort (Passenger) -
Lily Kotansky
Nurse/Anna Porvoo - Ahmae Messersmith
Radio Announcer's Voice/ Frederick Zabel - Brandon Cwalina
Doctor/William Abilius - Asten Fuller
Georgette Kilija/Assorted Female Characters - Kristen Evans
William Gaylow/Assorted Male Characters - Jeremy Fisher
Benny Ruppert/Assorted Male Characters - Sam Fletcher

Jordan Understudy - Kelly Chick
Joe Understudy - Alex Britcher
Bette/Julia Understudy - Siona Dubs
Max Understudy - Drew Slattery
Tony Understudy - Jeremy Fisher
Police Inspector Williams Understudy - Sam Fletcher
Workman Understudy (11/16) - Brandon Cwalina

Production Staff

Director - Will Jenkins
Costumes -
Pam Vasilow
Technical Director - Joe Kress
Promotions / Producer - Heather Jenkins
Student Production Assistant - Jess Mitchell