NOVEMBER 18 - 20, 2005

The Miracle Worker is the inspiring true story of Helen Keller, a blind-deaf girl trapped in her own secret world. Violent, spoiled and almost animal-like, only her new teacher Annie Sullivan realizes that there is a bright mind waiting to be rescued from that dark, tortured silence.

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Cast List

Annie Sullivan - Nina Williams
Helen Keller -
Mia Lipscomb
Kate Keller -
Britt Saunders
Captain Keller -
Chris White
James Keller -
Garrett Fuller
Viney -
Gail Austin
Aunt Ev -
Monica Graziosi
Anagnos / Understudy for James -
Ross Carmichael
Percy -
Niall Carmichael
Martha -
Zoë Heatwole
Doctor / Understudy for Captain Keller -
David Szilagyi
Blind Girl / Crone Voice 1 / Understudy for Annie -
Kelly Chick
Blind Girl / Crone Voice 2 / Understudy for Helen -
Jessie Sides
Blind Girl / Crone Voice 3 / Understudy for Kate -
Kirsten Stevenson

Production Staff

Director - Will Jenkins
Costumes -
Dawn Oswald
Technical Director -
Joe Kress
Promotions / Producer -
Heather Jenkins
Student Assistant -
Michelle Albright