APRIL 17 - 18, 1998


Molly (Orphan) - Kristi McCullouch

Pepper (Orphan) - Meghan Freese

Duffy (Orphan) - Jeanette Schreiber

July (Orphan) - Erica May

Tessie (Orphan) - Amanda Horn

Annie (Orphan) - Jennifer Thorne

Kate (Orphan) - Susie Livermore

Ellie (Orphan) - Christina Jordan

Lizzie (Orphan) - Kelly Jane Rubb

Penny (Orphan) - Whitney Sechrist

Daisy (Orphan) - Sarah Pearce

Dizzy (Orphan) - Amanda Georgette Schehlein

Miss Hannigan (Orphanage Operator) - Valerie Michelle Little

Bundles (Laundry Man) - Kenneth Hayes Watts

Ally the Apple Seller - Alison Darby

Dog Catcher Charlie - Josh Dominick

Dog Catcher Luke - Grant Long

Lt. Ward (Police Officer) - Luke Shanks

Artie (Homeless Person) - Edward D. Dabbs, Jr.

Mary (Homeless Person) - Colleen Connell

Eddie (Homeless Person) - Michael J. Urban

Fred (Homeless Person) - Caleb Edwards

Sophie (Homeless Person) - Julie Austin

Peggy (Homeless Person) - Courtney Ann Johnson

Ira (Homeless Person) - Brice Michael Hayden

Jane (Homeless Person) - Susie Goebeler

Jessie (Homeless Person) - Wendy Glatfelter

Ned (Second Cop) - Evan Michael Krause

Rex Reinhold (Radio Announcer) - James Boyle

Grace Farrell (Daddy Warbucks' Secretary) - Candice LaRicci

Drake (English Butler) - Darin Paul Sellers

Cecille (French Maid) - Melissa Held

Annette (French Maid) - Danielle Petrangeli

Jeeves (Butler) - Christopher Powell

Broderick (Butler) - Joshua Dominick

Oliver "Daddy" Warbucks - Jeffry Newberger

Mrs. Greer (Housekeeper) - Heather Lynn Fink

Mrs. Pugh (Cook) - Erin Patricia Shope

Marilyn (Star To Be) - Kendi Heath

Scarlett (Usherette in Theater) - Wendy Glatfelter

Daniel "Rooster" Hannigan - Jeremy Martin Jacoby

Lily St. Regis (Rooster's Girlfriend) - Amanda Blain Ketzner

Bert Healy (Radio Entertainer) - Steven M. Gibson

Wacky (Healy's Sidekick) - Chad M. Sechrist

Biff (Sound Effects Man) - Mark Albright

Jimmy Johnson (Radio Man) - Robby Bushman

Fred McCracken (Ventriloquist) - Dean Mitchell Miller

Ronnie Boylan (Singer on Show) - Nicole Alban

Bonnie Boylan (Singer on Show) - Colleen Annesley

Connie Boylan (Singer on Show) - Tricia Cowart

Tipper (New Orphan at Orphanage) - Susie Goebeler

Harold Ickes (Cabinet Member) - Joshua Dominick

Francis Perkins (Cabinet Member) - Erin Peffer

Henry Morganthau (Cabinet Member) - Jonathan Meehan

President Franklin D. Roosevelt - Andrew Coffron

Louis Howe (FOR Aide) - Steven M. Gibson

Duke (Marine Guard) - Grant Long

Cordell Hull (Cabinet Member) - David Buscarini

 Judge Brandeis (Supreme Court Justice) - Kenneth Hayes Watts


NYC Citizens

Kenneth Hayes Watts

Nicole Alban

Allison Darby

Chad M. Sechrist

Courtney Ann Johnson

James Boyle

Grant Long

Mark Albright

Colleen Annesley

Caleb Edwards

Julie Austin

Dean Mitchell Miller

Brice Michael Hayden

Susie Goebeler

Dave Buscarini

Robby Bushman

Michael J. Urban

Joshua Dominick

Trisha Cowart

Luke Shanks

Chris Powell

Jonathan D. Meehan

Colleen Connell

Edward Douglas Dabbs, Jr.

Jennifer Burns


Production Staff

Director/Producer - Matthew D. Amberman

Vocal Director - David Nicholson

Orchestra Director - Tracy S. Shank
Choreographer - Denise Kehr

Set Construction - Mark Rubb
Costume Construction - Laura Stiles

Promotion Director - Cindy Crisman

Technical Director - Matthew Walker

Dance Captain - Wendy Glatfelter

Property Directors - Mandy Meckley & Shelly Detore

Assistant Directors - Ashley Grupp & Heather Fike